Best Buddies Promoters: Chapter President

The chapter president (CP) organizes and leads a Best Buddies chapter for one academic year, ensuring that chapter members fulfill the mission of Best Buddies. To apply for the upcoming academic year, complete and submit the form below.

*Must attend Best Buddies International Leadership Conference
*Must attend the local leadership training day offered by Best Buddies staff

If you are currently an approved member of your Best Buddies chapter, please log in here before completing the form below.

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Submitted applications will be reviewed and used by the chapter leadership to identify and select top CP candidates. Completed applications must be submitted no later than April 1st.

Thank you for your interest in leading your chapter next year!

Chapter President Application, 2021-2022

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*What skills do you possess that will contribute to the chapter’s success?
*List all other activities, organizations, or employment that you plan to be involved in next year. Please include leadership positions and hours you expect to devote to each.
*If selected as the new CP, what will you do to make Best Buddies successful on your campus?
Best Buddies Pledge
Please initial each statement to show you have read and fully understand your commitment.
If selected, I will serve as CP for the entirety of the 2021-2022 academic year.
I promise to execute all responsibilities set forth by Best Buddies International and as described in the Best Buddies Promoters manual for the entire academic year.
I understand that I am required to participate in the Best Buddies International Leadership Conference in the summer of 2021.

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  Date: 9/25/2021


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